Anne (gumiko) wrote,

smoking is delicious

I guess |I could post an update though I'm not sure exactly who even reads these anymore. Back in FL, I do miss Illinois though :/ 2 kids. 2 hyper active annoying kids. Technically a single mom now though me and James are legally still married.....but jackass is in jail. Been there for awhile so ::shrug:: Still much drama in my family with my sister and her side. What the fuck is wrong with us??? I'm lucky to have the friends that I do though. Still have Teresa, and Bryan and Kenny. Anyone else I barely see or talk to. Yea, I think about what used to be alot but who doesn't. At least I'm not letting it bother me anymore. Some people you just have to let go. Yea...some habits too, lol. I think I'll always be a smoker though. :/
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