Anne (gumiko) wrote,

your adult temper tantrums

1"Just more then annoyed with these lingering feelings of a person who clearly didn't care
2about me and the fact that its for the dumbest reason just annoys the hell out of me i hate
3that i know so much before it happens i hate the fact that my bestfriend thinks im going to
4steal his boyfriend i hate dating these random girls who turn out uninteresting fake boring
5and stalkers im fed up today with it all i need an escape i need someone or something to
6stimulate my mind "

omg julie shut upppp
i know lines 1 and 2 are about me and it definitely IS stupid as fuck. it's almost completely amusing. cause you sound like a ranting drunk, oh wait, you WERE drunk, from early in the day til night, and you know i don't do that when i'm around my kids. so thankyou for making your company so miserable. especially when i was just at the point of actually thinking through what it would be like to initiate some overstepping boundary move, of molesting you, or at least making out with you. UGHHHHH not. you became this heinoous bitch so fast. who would want to become emotionally tied to that? why would i accept a free ticket to a rollercoaster ride of death of emotions?i hear you complain about being left or rejected, well holy fuck, if your making all that noise out of your mouth AND drinking as much as i think you are ((ms. wake up in the morning and shake a bottle of wine singing 'breakfassst!')), no WONDER. who the fuck would want to be harassed and yelled at about something that barely makes sense, because you do NOT LISTEN to anyone but yooooou.

it was literally at least 4 times i had to repeat the SAME exact thing when you tried to argue about "risking our friendship" compared to something else you said. you were so confused. don't argue w/ someone unless your CLEARHEADED.

And when I left the room to advoid wanting to just snap and yell at you to stop making no sense, I heard you crying from down the hall. You literally ARE pushing people away from you. And apparently its involuntary.

i should be feeling really hurt that we'd be fighting cause your "bestfriend" arent you? by why do i feel relieved i'm getting a break from you then? damn chica. fuck my night up.

You know that, everytime someone that you love hurts you, their slowly killing the love you have for them. Everytime they hurt you, you love them less..and less. it feels like that. except instead of loving you less, i'm just dealing with your bullshit less and less.

and if i'm a bitch for not putting up w/ your adult temper tantrums, then i'm a bitch

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