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in like a lion.....out like a damn mammoth.

after having "temporary" custody of my niece and nephew cause of that royal fuck up, and having to deal with these kids coping living in the same house and vying for the same attention from ONE person, from the stupid little mess of the ants that attack bloody fucking everything that is basically outside, from packing for a trip that still has potential to fall apart, and make these kids realize i will not be ignored, i will be listened to, even if i do have to weild a large strap of leather to scare the rain that i asked for, all las week, wondering what the hell i was going to do about the flowers. did i trust my neighbor to water them? NO. i didnt know how good her gardening/understanding of dirt and flowers went. not to mention she has 3 kids on the weekend who would love to destroy something nice of someone elses. ok. don't let the nieghbor near the flowers. i kept hoping for a week it'd rain cause that'd solve that problem. my dad kept saying they were going to die while we were away and i kept telling him to shutup. problem solved.

now the inside of the house is flooding. my entire bathroom floor is soaked with water. standing water nonetheless. its just sitting there, soaked into the rugs, i think it came from the toilet. having the kids here ive noticed that when they go to the bathroom they think their supposed to flush the toilet when they go...again and again and again like 6-8 times before i see them and tell them to stop. so that explains ......the water that dripped down the stairs over the side of the floor near the bathroom.......the giant pool of water in front of the front door......the light fixture on the ceiling....filled with water, dripping dripping dripping onto the already wet floor.

and i wake up to this, and no one else who can fix this problem, i e my stupid hairy dad, who is most likely to yell and say somehow this is my fault.

and since its so fucking wet outside from pouring rain last night......everything i need from outside, like the mop thats soaked, or the bucket thats filllllled with water, makes me track dirt onto a floor that my dad ACTUALLY mopped yesterday. and no more complains about getting it dirty as if a floor is meant to stay clean forever.

this has got to be one of the most annoying things ive ever written on here. haha my dilemma of floods, and dirt and flowers. nice. well i have my period. that was a nice icing on the cake. now i feel like squeezing something between my hands, or rolling around on the floor and gurgling in pain like i'm possessed. fucking curse of eve. and right before we leave on a trip. with a big idiot, who thinks he can drive all the way to orlando, with 4 kids, and NOT stop even once for a bathroom break.........and now me whose bleeding out her life hole.

fucking james. fucking sara. fucking dad, fucking mom. fucking kids. fucking everyone. fucking....myself.

have to attempt to clean all this shit up somehow. i cant even hear the water dripping into the bucket anymore its getting so full.

think my dads home. lets hear the roars.
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