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Dear Drop it low girl

"i don't care if your right or if i'm always wrong....."

so....i'm always wrong lol. either it really is how i go about making choices or myinability to make good sensible decisions or maybe fate and destiny has done all this bullshit to me. kinda the way you slice your hand open on a glass by accident, or get bumped into with a car while crossing the street....shit just blindsides you. even love. love always blindsides you. its just a matter of who its with that really knocks you off your feet. the funny thing is i dont feel like ive fallin. ive fallin for you....but when i tripped cause i was mesmerized by the way i felt those butterflies, quite possibly so much more surreal then i thought ive had them caught me before i could go down. and you kept holding me so i balanced out. you balance me out. i like that.
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